To provide you with an unforgettable stay at Yokikan,
we offer the absolute best services and facilities.

Plans Rates

Plans Rates

Online credit payment

You can choose advance payment by making a payment by credit card when making a reservation from the website.

* This service uses a service provided by our partner settlement agency "JTB Business Innovators Inc."

The settlement fee will be deducted from your settlement account in cooperation with your credit card company through "JTB Business Innovators Co., Ltd.


Money exchange service is not available. Please settle your bill at the front desk when you check out.
We accept major credit cards. If your departure is before 8:00 a.m., please notify the front desk in advance


  • banquet hall
    Banquet hall
  • onsen

Facilities include:

One open-air bath, 2 communal baths, a large banquet hall (120 tatami mats), small banquet hall (50 tatami mats), conference room, table tennis room (for additional charge), vending machines for soft drinks, karaoke machine rental (for additional charge), postal service, and cable railway (30 meters long, at 45-degree angle).


Free Wi-Fi connection is available in the guest room and at the Lobby. We will offer the “access point” and “password” at checking-in.

Other services (at additional charge):

Massage, shogi, go, mah-jong, tennis, golf, and fishing. The additional charge for massage, tennis, golf and fishing includes all preparations.

In Case of Emergency

    For Your Safety:
  • • Upon arrival, please read the emergency manual in your room.
  • • To prevent fires
    Please refrain from smoking in bed or any non-designated areas. Yokikan offers designated smoking areas.

Because Yokikan is designed in a traditional Japanese style, there are differences in floor levels.
If you are handicapped or have disabilities that make walking difficult, please contact us for assistance.
All Special Rooms have hot spring baths.Some of the Standard Rooms also have hot spring baths.
We serve meals either in your guest room or a private dining room depending on the number of guests.